Using whole-system design thinking, Maïa Permaculture aims to guide you in your journey towards an ecological and sustainable living. Starting from simple consultations and seminars to creating full designs or permaculture courses, Maïa Permaculture can easily adapt to give you the support you need. 


Get an extensive design report to help you implement your project

A design report includes:

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your property
  • A list of networks, organisations and relevant businesses to source information, skills and resources
  • Site analysis details
  • A detailed map of the design
  • Plant lists and planting plan
  • Plus any other information relevant to your project.


Permaculture consulting will help you discover potential key features, opportunities, problems and limitations that could save you money, resources and time.

  • Urban/suburban residential living
  • Natural zones
  • Hobby farms
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Commercial, recreational, and cultural spaces


Learn and develop your abilities for a more sustainable future

  • Permaculture workshops for children & youth
  • Introduction to Permaculture course
  • Workshops on Urban Permaculture
  • Other permaculture related workshops
  • School garden projects

Ready to bring Permaculture into your life?

Contact Maïa Permaculture and let’s talk about your project!