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Because permaculture is about sharing abundance in whichever form available (food, physical resources, knowledge, experience…), we offer a range of FREE flashcards, manuals and other tools to help you in your permaculture process.

We hope this set of resources will be useful in your journey towards an ecological and sustainable living.


Permaculture Principles Flashcards

Don’t forget them, these are your new mantras

The Permaculture Design Principles are meant to give you a way to approach the design of any project. From setting up a small garden, to designing an entire property, your business or your own life, following the principles will help you learn the value and interconnectedness of every aspect of the project. If you would like to learn more about permaculture principles, clic HERE.


Permaculture Design Tools & Methods 1

Tools & Methods used in Land Design

When we start designing, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of design processes, methods and tools that are used in Permaculture. This document is an easy to use glossary you can consult anytime.

Permaculture Design Tools & Methods 2

Tools & Methods used in Social Design

Permaculture is not exclusively used in land design, this is why Permaculture Design Tools & Methods 2 is focused on Social Permaculture design. Inner landscape, communication tools, social tools & other common methods are found here. Get ready to bring permaculture to another level!


Trees with Edible Leaves

A Global Manual

We are very proud of our collaboration in the launch of the French and Spanish translations of an invaluable resource: “Trees with Edible Leaves – A Global Manual” by Eric Toensmeier of the Perennial Institute.

Here you will find the description of more than 100 crops, both for cold and tropical climates, with details on nutrition and cultivation techniques.